Wire Payments

Wire Payments


As a Currency Exchange our focus is on helping client's manage their transactions from one currency to another and not on sending same currency Wire Payments.

We do realize that sometimes you may end up needing to send a foreign currency you already have in your possession as a Wire Payment.

We will do this on a case by case basis where we would buy your foreign currency at one rate and sell you a Wire Payment in the same currency at a different rate.  

Our systems require us to process it this way however the rate difference is favourable to you and much better than the difference between our normal Buy and Sell rate.


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Currently you can download our Wire Payment template here, complete it and send it to us in person, by fax, or scanned and emailed.

Please save the pdf, then open it using a current version of Adobe Reader.  

If you fill it out using your browser's pdf previewer there will be issues with alignment and formatting when you print it.


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We can send Wire Payments to most countries in the world with some exceptions.

The currencies available to wire do vary from country to country.

Please call us or send us a message using our contact form if you want to enquire about a specific country. 


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Yes they do affect the timing in which you or the beneficiary of the wire payment should expect to receive the wire.

If a bank holiday occurs within the timeframe of your transaction you would need to add that to the standard delivery time. 

As your wire payment may involve multiple countries you need to consider each of their bank holidays.


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We do send CAD wires where they are the settlement of a Currency Exchange transaction you have conducted with Guardian International Currency.

As we are a Currency Exchange in business to help clients convert money from one currency to another we do not accept CAD funds to send a CAD wire.


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This is a variable depending on the currency, amount, time of day you booked and settled the transaction, what method of payment you used, and what country the Wire Payment is going to.

As a general guideline, assuming your deal is booked and completed with Guardian International Currency prior to 11:30 am ET and you paid with a guaranteed bank instrument.

CAD     Same Day

USD     Same Day, if the bank is in Canada or the USA.

USD     + 1 business day, if the bank is outside Canada or the USA.

EUR     + 2 business days

GBP     + 2 business days

CHF     + 3 business days

AUD     + 3 business days

SGD     +  4 business days


 For Example:

If you paid for a EUR Wire Payment on a Monday you should expect the beneficiary to have it in their account on Wednesday.

Likewise if you paid for an AUD Wire Payment on a Monday you should expect the beneficiary to have it in their account on Thursday.  


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There is a wire charge applied to most wire payments in addition to the rate of exchange.

The amount varies depending on the currency, destination country and amount.

Please give us a call, ask your account rep or complete our Contact Form to find out the applicable charges to your wire payment.


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Yes there is.  The exact cutoff time varies with the currency involved, the destination country and the amount.


Please call us or send us a message using our contact form if you want to enquire about a specific cutoff time.


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We can send Wire Payments in all major currencies and many minor currencies.

Please call us or send us a message using our contact form if you want to enquire about a specific currency.


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All Wire Payments require the following information:

  • Beneficiary's Full Name
  • Beneficiary's Full Address
  • Beneficiary's Account Number
  • Beneficiary Bank's Full Name
  • Beneficiary Bank's Full Address
  • Beneficiary Bank's BIC


You may also need to provide Intermediary Banking information as well as your specific remarks to the beneficiary.

If you have any questions about the required information please ask one of our Wire Payment Specialists. 



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BIC stands for Bank Identification Code.  There are many types of BICs but the most common are SWIFT, ABA, and CC.

  • SWIFT is an internationally used BIC.
  • ABA is for banks domiciled in the USA.
  • CC is for banks domiciled in Canada.


SWIFT is the most commonly used BIC around the world, including Canada and the United States of America.



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SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

It is the method of secure communication used by banks globally.

Most Wire Payments are sent via the SWIFT network.

A SWIFT code is the unique code assigned to each bank.

SWIFT codes are either 8 characters or 11 characters long, consisting of letters and numbers.

If you have a SWIFT code that is anything other than 8 or 11 characters it is not valid.

Banks will often have many SWIFT codes with variations for each branch or operating unit.  Generally they have the same first 8 characters with the next 3 characters distinguishing between them.


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Both are bank issued, guaranteed funds items.

The key differences are convenience and speed.

A wire payment can be sent to most anywhere in the world with value being received and given to the beneficiary as quickly as same day.

Drafts require that you physically bring the item to your bank to deposit.  Items sent out of country will be subject to collection processes in which the payee might not receive value on the draft for months.  

Even locally deposited drafts may be held by your bank for a few days where as wire payments are given same day value.


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The key differences are speed and guaranteed funds.

  • A Wire Payment will always be faster than an ACH deposit by at least a day.
  • A Wire Payment is guaranteed funds.  An ACH deposit could be reversed.


Other differences are:

  • ACH deposits can only be sent in either CAD or USD, and only to Canadian or USA domiciled banks. 
  • ACH deposits require less banking information to send.
  • ACH deposits are cheaper.


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When Guardian International Currency transmits a wire payment on behalf of a client we send the full amount and pay all bank charges on the sending side.

The receiving bank may charge the beneficiary a fee to receive the wire payment.  This varies from bank to bank and depends on the relationship the beneficiary has with their bank.

Between the sending bank and the receiving bank there may be one or more intermediary banks involved, who may in turn levy a fee for processing the Wire Payment.

Unfortunately we have no control over the fees levied by either the receiving bank or any intermediary banks and therefore are not financially responsible for them.


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Sending or Receiving a Wire Payment involves opening an account with Guardian International Currency.  Due to federal laws regarding client identification it is much easier to open an account in person.


If attending our office is not a possibility there is a procedure for opening non-face to face accounts.  If you would like more information on this process please call us or send us a message using our contact form.


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We generally avoid sending Wire Payments below $1,000.00 CAD equivalent as the relative cost becomes prohibitive to clients.  

We are flexible in this regard so if you do need to send a small value Wire Payment please call us or send us a message using our contact form to enquire about the costs involved.


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