Unfortunately our technology systems do not allow us to do this.

To do this transaction we must go through either CAD or USD.

We will offer you improved rates of exchange on such a transaction so that you don't 'pay' twice.


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If you have an active account in good standing with us you can reserve a transaction in advance.

Conditions do apply and vary based on the details of the transaction.  Please consult with your Account Rep for further details.


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Guardian International Currency never charges a commission fee on transactions.

Wire Payments are subject to a service charge which scales based on the currency, destination country and the amount.

We will also assess a service charge if we issue you with a small value cheque.


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Your transaction in our Online Currency Store is paid for using Interac Online which is a very secure form of payment.

When you use Interac Online no banking information is passed to our website so your personal data is never housed on our servers and therefore never at risk.


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Yes you can go directly from USD to another currency.

If change is involved or if you are paying with both CAD and USD then we will process the transaction using CAD as the base currency.  In this case the rates you receive will mimic that of a direct USD rate.



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On banknote transactions the only minimum limit is the respective smallest circulating banknote  in the currency you want to buy or sell.

For all other transactions we may either place a minimum amount or we may levy service charges.  

Please give us a call or use our Contact Form to find out more.


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This varies based on the details of your transaction.  Please give us a call or use our Contact Form to find out what you specifically need for your transaction.

The most common requirement is that all transactions equal to or greater than $3,000.00 CAD or CAD equivalant require valid, current government issued identification.

We recommend that clients always bring a current piece of government issued identification.



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Our draft verification policy is based on years of experience and good business practices within our industry.  

Verifying drafts reinforces confidence in the transaction particularly when Banknotes or Wire Payments are being sent.

You can take actions to help with the process.  To find out how use our Contact Form or talk to your Account Rep.


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Repatriating foreign coins back to their home country is very expensive and time consuming, particularly in regards to the relative value of the market.


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Methods of Payment


Unfortunately we currently do not accept credit cards as payment.

While we would love to do so the high processing fees on credit card transactions would require us charge you significantly higher rates of exchange.

We do accept:

  • Cash
  • Interac
  • Wire Transfers
  • Bank Drafts 1
  • Interac Online (for website transactions)
  • PAD (ACH Payment) 2




1  Must be drawn on a bank domiciled in Canada.

2  Must be from an account held by a bank domiciled in Canada.  Requires a client account in good standing with Guardian International Currency.  There will be a hold on your funds of 3-5 business days.


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Unfortunately we do not accept personal cheques.


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Yes we can.


  • You must have an active account in good standing with Guardian International Currency.
  • You need to provide us with your banking information.
  • Only available for CAD and USD to an account domiciled at a bank in Canada.
  • It may be subject to a service charge depending on the transaction details.
  • Typically you will see the credit in your account within 48 hours.


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Please make your draft payable to Guardian International Currency.

Please review your draft before leaving your bank to ensure that the payee is correct.  

Errors on the payee may require you to return to your bank to have them re-issue the bank draft to the correct name.


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Our goal is to provide excellent and reliable service to our clients.  

There are a lot of variables in quoting a currency exchange transaction in a market that changes every milli-second.

Comparing rates from one company to another is difficult in that the market can fluctuate a lot just in the time that it takes to dial the phone.

If you have received a better quote from a competitor please let us know the details and we will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.


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