Regardless of the source every banknote that is received at Guardian International Currency is hand counted and checked by our expert staff.

We do use machine counts to double check our work but in our experience nothing compares to the human eye and touch when it comes to detecting counterfeit banknotes.


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We have the capacity to sell Cuban Pesos but unfortunately there is no current supplier network which limits us from keeping them in stock.

We are continuing to work on building out our capacity to keep a regular inventory.  Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with changes in this regard.


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Each country may set a limit on the amount of currency you can either bring into the country or take out of it.

Restrictions are generally placed as part of a country's monetary policy.

Many countries have no restrictions but may limit what you can leave their country with based on what you declared when you entered.

This limit may be set on the local currency for the country as well as on various foreign currencies.

There may be different limits for visitors/non-residents compared to residents.

While not an issue affecting most travellers it is always a good idea to check the customs information for any country you are visiting or travelling through.  Contravening currency import/export restrictions may result in confiscation, fines or other penalties.

Guardian International Currency is not responsible for any infringment of currency import/export regulations.


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When you enter or leave a country you may be required to declare the amount of currency you are carrying.

Entering or Exiting Canada you must declare amounts equal to or greater than $10,000.00 CAD equivalent. 

Failure to do so can result in confiscation of your money and/or criminal charges being laid.

There is no restriction on the amount of money you can enter or exit Canada with as long as you declare it.

For more information go to Canada Border Services Agency website. (note:  this will take you to an external website)


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Under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) Guardian International Currency must keep a record and report any transaction in which it receives $10,000.00 CAD or CAD equivalent in cash from a client.

This also applies to multiple transactions conducted within a set period of time.

If this requirement affects your transaction you will be asked for some basic additional information about yourself.

All personal information is collected in keeping with the protections of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  You can read more about Guardian International Currency's Privacy Policy here.  

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